Have you ever taken a walk around your neighbourhood only to notice the houses for the very first time – even though they have always been there and you may have driven past them a hundred times before? In a similar way when we take the time to slow down in meditation we may begin to see things from a whole new perspective – like seeing something for the very first time or from a completely new viewpoint.

Meditation Classes Parramatta, Sydney

Despite external appearances, meditation actually requires the active involvement and effort of the meditator.

A particular attitude of discipline, concentration and self observation is required. The meditator must make a determined resolve to sit in meditation. At the same time an attitude of gentle patience, acceptance and humility is also cultivated.

As Jon Kabat-Zinn puts it: meditation is “simple but not easy”.

Participants are requested to be respectful and allowing of each other’s personal progress. Participation in feedback and group discussion is generally embraced and often becomes rather insightful – but sharing your meditation experience is entirely your choice – it is your journey and you are supported to proceed in your own way.

I will introduce you to meditation in a safe and supported environment.
My classes do not require you to sit in positions which are not comfortable for you.

  • Classes generally include some theory followed by meditation practice, ending with deep relaxation.
  • Classes and Workshops are held in North Parramatta.  However,  I can come to you if you wish to arrange your own group or workplace classes.

“You must work hard but it must not be hard work.”