Amanda Meditation Classes Parramatta

Someone said to me of this daily meditation practise that I do:  “So – is it like getting up in the morning and needing a coffee and a smoke?”  I replied:”No – it’s more like brushing your teeth and having a shower.”                              Amanda Easthorpe


Amanda Meditation grew from my belief that each and every one of us holds the power to make change for the better in the world.

We achieve this through our own daily efforts and persistent practice, exercising consideration for others, kindness and generosity, compassion, a sense of joy, gratitude and love.

I understand that these qualities don’t always come easily, especially at times of sadness or hardship.

  • Even on our best days, we are faced with struggles and challenges which cause us to forget these higher human qualities.

With conscious awareness and daily, moment-to-moment practice, we may learn to recognise these challenging moments and welcome them with curiosity.

  • Before reacting in situations we may be able to take a step back, breathe, and say – thank you – here is an opportunity for me to practice.
 Read more of my Path to Meditation here, it’s a surprising story.
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Meditation Mentor Louise Gilmore*Louise Gilmore now trains meditation teachers at the Awareness Institute in Crows Nest.

Louise continues to be my teacher and mentor. I currently attend and co-facilitate Louise’s Meditation Mastery classes at the Awareness Institute in St Leonards.

To learn more about my teacher visit The Awareness Institute about us page.