Breath Exercises for Good Health

Breath Exercises Can Improve Your Health

When I first started formal meditation practices 10 years ago full Yogic breath and Nadi Shodana (alternate nostril breathing) formed part of my daily breathing exercises – I completed 10 rounds of each technique, every day for 2 years – I had suffered from hay fever for 20 years prior to that but the hay fever was completely gone and (touch wood) has been for 10 years now.

Who can say for sure if it was the breath work – but my instincts certainly told me that this was what led to my improved health.

Check out Director of The Connection, Shannon Harvey’s, blog Can Breathing Exercises Really Change Your Health? here.  Shannon includes instructions for Nadi Shodana (alternate nostril breathing) at the end of her blog.

Be sure to click on the YouTube video excerpt of Shannon’s interview with Dr Andrew Weil, MD to hear other examples of improved health with his patients using simple breathing techniques –  the clip runs for less than 3 minutes and is worth a look.

We practise breathing techniques over 3 of the 8 weeks of my beginner’s course (also suitable for those returning to meditation).  More details here:  Learn to Meditate  Next course commences 30 January 2016

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    • Hi Mandy, Thanks for your enquiry – my next Learn to Meditate class will run on Saturday mornings 9:15am-10:45am running for 8 weeks from 30 January 2016 to 19 March 2016. After completion of Learn to Meditate you may join in the ongoing monthly drop-in group. I can send you a reminder email closer to the date if you like. I hope to meditate with you soon. Warm regards from Amanda.

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