Free Online Meditation Tuesdays

Free ‘Cosmic Tuesday’ Group Meditation

Can’t make a regular class or meeting?

You are invited to join my teacher, Louise Gilmore’s Meditation Mastery group in “distance” meditation on Tuesday evenings.

  • The group “meets” for about 10 minutes or so in cosmic meditation space from your home, or wherever you are, every Tuesday night at 9:30pm Sydney time.
  • If you can’t make that time, remember that we are meeting in a dimension that is beyond space and time, so join in whenever it suits you, with the intention that you will connect with the Cosmic Tuesday group.

Also, optional, join the “Cosmic Tuesday” group on the ‘Insight Timer’ app to see who else is meditating with you at the same time.

See you in the cosmos!

NOTE: Louise’s Meditation Mastery group meets (in person) at Awareness Institute, Sydney once a month.

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