Meditation In The Workplace

Quiet room for meditation or prayer

“My vision is that someday the “quiet room” will be as commonplace in the corporate office environment as the lunchroom and boardroom are today.”

Amanda Easthorpe

I began my career in the banking industry, where I discovered my flair and love for legal work. After 9 years with a major bank I actively pursued a career as a Legal Secretary and Paralegal having now worked in the legal industry for 20 years, including eight years as a self‑employed contractor.


Even after 30 years, I still love my “day job”.


Not only is this work still thoroughly enjoyable and engaging, but it also provides me with numerous challenges (opportunities!) to practice throughout the day (when I’m conscious enough!).

So it is fair to say that I am more than familiar with the daily stresses and pressures of working in a law firm/corporate environment.

In 2011 after spending 9 hours in the emergency department of a major Sydney hospital, and after a period of recuperation, when I returned to work I can still remember walking into the office on my first day back, and thinking to myself: “Wow – it was quieter, calmer and less chaotic in the emergency department.”

The good news is that many workplaces are gradually becoming aware of the benefits of meditation and mindfulness in the workplace. More and more law firms and businesses are engaging professional organisations to educate their staff in this growing area of realisation.

Workplace MeditationMy concern is
– What happens after the motivational speakers have gone?


To ensure the positive changes that meditation promises, my objective is to offer ongoing actual experience and practice of meditation in the workplace.


I am currently available on Monday’s for workplace facilitation.

Contact me for more information and to arrange a meeting.

20 minute personal one-on-one sessions

I can offer one-on-one “on the job” private meditation sessions for the busy professional in your office. The objective of this meditation is to be “experiential”, yet efficient, to fit in with the busy professional’s working day. Includes a meditation practice and guided relaxation.

6 week or 8 week Learn to Meditate course

Group classes may also be arranged to fit in with your business’ busy schedule. Why not book in a 6 week or 8 week course to get your staff started, and then use daily or weekly CD recordings to ensure cost effective continuity of practice.  All classes include deep relaxation.