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As a Reiki practitioner, Amanda accesses healing energies which support your meditation session with her.

This is something that happens spontaneously and involuntarily when Amanda meditates.  She may sometimes ‘share’ this energy directly with you by placing her hands on your head or shoulders – though this will only ever be done with your consent.

Reiki (pronounced ray key) meaning universal life force.

It is a traditional Japanese hands-on healing modality which uses the touch of the hands.
It may work on the physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual levels depending on what the recipient is open to and in need of at the time of treatment.

As the recipient of Reiki all you do is lie on the massage table and relax.

  • To receive a Reiki treatment you remain fully clothed.
  • Unlike massage, rather than manipulation of the body, the practitioner’s hands are placed either very lightly on the body or just above the body in the energetic field where the Reiki energy flows freely through both practitioner and recipient leaving you feeling energised and rejuvenated.
  • Short breath awareness and/or guided meditation are also incorporated into the treatment.


ARC* membership held since – 2006

Level 1 attunement received – April 2006 | Level 2 attunement received – August 2006  Advanced training received – October 2008 | Masters atunement received – December 2009

Professional Association Reiki*ARC (Australian Reiki Connection) requires its members to comply with a professional code of conduct and code of ethics and to complete annual continuing professional learning

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