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Workshop | Meditation for Goal Setting

Through guided meditation and inner contemplation tap into your innate wisdom and unveil the answers that lie within.

  • What is your life purpose?
  • Are you living authentically?
  • This is a great course to complete annually or bi‑annually, at the start of the new year and/or springtime, being times of growth and renewal.
  • Regular completion of these meditation practices keeps your goal setting current and relevant.
  • Includes course material and handouts.
“Amanda Easthorpe assisted me with an understanding of the complexities entailed within the soul and mind. She is a diligent practitioner who provided me with the tools and guidance to undertake the slopey road of enlightenment. If you are in pursuit of mindfulness, happiness and harmony; Amanda Easthorpe can tailor teachings to meet these needs.”

Darwin Mendoza – 2013

Cost: $220 | Prerequisite: Learn To Meditate | Duration: 1 Day (5 hours) Workshop

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